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    Windows 8 Login Screen Revealed

    Posted: 01 Apr 2011 04:57 PM PDT

    As the leaks continue, stronger evidence points towards Microsoft integrating Metro elements into the Windows 8 UI. Earlier today, we reported sightings of a hidden UI, along with images of some icons lying around.

    Initially, we did not report this thinking it was an April Fools joke. However, both GeekSmack and the original leaker have stated this is not an April Fools joke.

    Courtesy of WithinWindows (Rafael Rivera), the date, time, and ease of access controls are displayed. The wallpaper is customizable at the time. Rafael seems to know more but keeps the wording quite mysterious:

    Aside from the functionality that is exposed in the currently leaked builds, there is evidence of additional features to come. For example, on tablet-type devices, you'll apparently be able to logon using a pattern, which we assume is similar to what's available on Android devices today. Microsoft will also be supporting extensible Welcome Screen-based audio controls, so you can control music playback while the machine is locked.

    It is quite strange how he uses the word “evidence”, yet it is then followed by a firm example. What do you think?

    In other news, Microsoft has began distributing language packs for Windows 8. Does this mean the reach of Windows 8 will continue to spread, therefore increasing the chances of a possible leak?

    Windows 8 Build 7971 Language Pack files (source: win7china)

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    Windows 8 tablet UI dubbed “Immersive Shell” confirmed

    Posted: 01 Apr 2011 04:14 AM PDT

    Now that Windows 8 has reached Milestone 3, the important thing is to confirm that rumored features actually do exist. Just yesterday, we heard a popular rumor smashed when further investigation took place regarding Windows Live ID Integration. Fortunately, better news has struck today….

    Notice the new buttons in the bottom right corner of the explorer window that nobody has seemed to notice these past few days...

    Windows 8 has been rumored to have a second UI that is tile-based, much like the Metro UI found in Windows Phone 7. This would be a design geared more towards the use of mobile platforms such as tablets. Further investigation within the registry by WinReview shows strong evidence of such theme files scattered throughout the OS. It is quite clear that the UI is indeed present, however, it is locked away.

    Geeksmack’s sources also realized that the words Mosh and Metro are not found anywhere, rather words such as Immersive, and Dock were used. Some sort of notification system seemed to exist as well.

    Below is a gallery of other screenshots leaked out. This would have to be a really good April Fools joke by “both” websites to be fake… However, both sources claimed this was not an April Fools joke.

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