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    Windows Live ID integration inexistent in current Windows 8 builds

    Posted: 31 Mar 2011 08:21 PM PDT

    Windows Live ID Integration: Not what we originally assumed?

    It appears that Windows 8 does not have any signs of featuring strong Windows Live ID integration as to-date. Rumors originally stemmed from the image shown above, however, sources close to Geeksmack state otherwise:

    …current builds of Windows 8 don't have any form of Live ID login integration in place, or any other forms of Windows Live deeply built into the OS.

    Some of you may remember Windows 7 already features some sort of Windows Live ID integration, although this is on a very small scale, and only allows sharing of files on certain networks and homegroups. A good example of true integration would be with Chrome OS, where browser favorites and menu options are synced. Furthermore, you log into the OS with your account in Chrome OS.

    The picture below displays the purpose of the user icon thus far:

    The possibility of actual integration being implemented has yet to be seen…

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    More images of Windows 8 UI leak

    Posted: 31 Mar 2011 04:53 PM PDT

    More Windows 8 elements leak. Below are the screenshots and the sources. I won’t bore you (or interest you) with any more text:

    Screenshot confirms Factory Reset feature


    Installation screenshot shows implementation of Metro UI elements

    Language Bar Improvements

    More language bar improvements

    BSOD now means Black Screen of Death?

    Build size? Real or fake?

    DWM running software acceleration. Note the lack of blur behind the Aero Glass interface. This was run in VMWare, and was seen in early builds of Vista, but was taken away afterwards. Will this stay on in Windows 8 at RTM?

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    Windows 8 wallpaper leaked along with evidence of TwinUI

    Posted: 31 Mar 2011 02:10 PM PDT

    Technically this would be the third Windows 8 wallpaper to leak, but would you call those previous leaks real wallpapers? I’d say this is the first real Windows 8 wallpaper to be leaked.

    Anyway, if those Windows 8 builds aren’t going to leak any time soon, at least we seem to be getting tidbits day by day. So far, Stephen Chapman from ZDNet [via Lifehacker] has managed to get his hands on this Windows 8 M3 wallpaper. Strong presence of the beta fish can be seen, which might suggest that we will see this wallpaper carry on to Windows 8 Beta, just as we’ve witnessed the beta fish with Windows 7.

    In addition, Chapman has also reported sighting pieces of the Jupiter UI scattered around Windows 8, as well as signs of the TwinUI from a new DLL: TWINUI.DLL.

    Download Link:

    Download the Windows 8 M3 Wallpaper here (Right-click and Save As or Save Image to save to computer)

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