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    Windows 8 Ribbon UI screenshots uncovered!!!

    Posted: 02 Apr 2011 02:30 PM PDT

    The Ribbon UI design was first incorporated in Office 2007, and later made its trend throughout future series of the Office Suite. The latest screenshot leaks of Windows 8 UI come from Rafael Rivera , who managed to uncover screenshots of the Ribbon being used in Windows 8.

    It is quite evident that these screenshots are of the early stages of Windows 8. Placeholder icons are being used, and it appears that Microsoft still has not decided to completely get rid of the traditional explorer bar. This questions whether the Explorer Ribbon will make it to the final stages of Windows 8.

    Similar to Office UI, tabs are placed above, allowing the user to display different options within the Ribbon. As well, only one button replacing the File menu exists. The Ribbon can also be toggled off:

    And with all those quick to criticize, it seems Microsoft has considered this, and has added a switch in the corner for toggling the display option:

    Toggle display switch, also found in previous leaked screenshots

    Full gallery of all the screenshots can be found below. Do you think the Ribbon will be a hit or a let-down? Let us know in the comments.

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