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    Windows 8 History Vault feature revealed

    Posted: 30 Mar 2011 02:45 PM PDT

    Windows 8 History Vault feature

    The popular Time Machine feature found in Mac OS X will meet its competitor, the History Vault, revealed by CNBeta today through another leaked screenshot.

    The history vault works in a similar fashion as the Time Machine, where incremental backups are created, allowing you to revert back to a file version of a specific time given that you’ve enabled it for your drive letter.

    Contrary to popular belief, this feature is not completely new to Windows. A similar feature can also be found in Windows 7 and Vista on a per-file basis, also once known as “Shadow Copy.” Shadow Copy can be quite useful, however, it is only possible to revert a specific file back in time only up to the date of your previous system restore points.

    Found under the Previous Versions tab in Windows 7

    We will most likely continue to see more and more information and screenshot leaks, as Windows 8 was distributed via Connect to OEMs yesterday.

    In other news, Mary-Jo Foley from ZDNet has heard from her sources that “Microsoft could show off Windows 8 to its partners at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July in Los Angeles.” As well, a Professional Developers Conference is likely to be scheduled in Redmond for September where a “Community Test Preview” or “Windows 8 Beta” will be released.

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