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    Concepts reveal possible Windows 8 features

    Posted: 02 Mar 2011 02:28 PM PST

    With Windows 8 being a major release, there is no question that we will see some substantial updates to the user interface. And with more and more people switching over to Macs, Microsoft has an even bigger reason to innovate and introduce some drastic changes to a UI that hasn’t seen much change.

    Some of these concepts should come as no surprise then, as they are very basic. Initially found in the portfolio of Manoj Manduva, a member of Microsoft R&D India, ZDnet uncovered several possible concepts. Here are the concepts in quick summary:

    Multiple Desktops / Flip:

    There is an old concept that Microsoft has yet to embrace. It has been a request of many users for a long time, and there is a likelihood that we may finally see this feature introduced.

    Smart Sticky Notes:

    Smart sticky notes have two additional features to the normal sticky notes found in Windows 7: ability to include hyperlinks, and sticky notes that have notifications.

    Skew Window Management with Flip and Leap

    This feature seems strikingly similar to Windows 7′s Flip 3D. ZDNet speculates this is more likely geared towards the Tablet UI rather than a desktop UI.

    As Milestone 3 coding begins, we will just see how close Microsoft ends up sticking to its early concepts.

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