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    Windows 8 installed in under 8 minutes – and other features surface…

    Posted: 03 Mar 2011 07:46 PM PST

    In a recent interview with Microsoft, Chinese website Win7China was able to uncover a few facts of Windows 8.

    The crazy installation speed

    Realistically, most likely none of us will experience an 8-minute install at launch. The installation was done with Windows 8 M3 on a machine with 24GB RAM, 2TB Hard-Drive (not Solid State), and an 8-core CPU.  However, we’re already seeing 12GB configurations and it is likely we will be able to hit such a short installation time in the future. It was not stated whether this installation was done on CD, or locally on the hard disk.

    Faster Windows Update and Wake from Hibernation

    The title basically explains it all. Not much details were revealed other than the fact that Microsoft stated speeds for waking from hibernation will be significantly faster.

    Factory-restore state in 2 minutes

    News has been leaking on Chinese forums that Windows 8 will have a feature that will restore your Windows installation to a factory-restored state in just 2 minutes.

    More to come…

    At the end of the interview, Win7China mentioned they have a 2nd part to the interview yet to be released. They claim it will reveal features so amazing that it will render the current features from the competition useless.

    In addition, we’ve updated our screenshots page with the latest leaked Windows 8 screenshots, revealing Windows Live ID login!

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