Tool to destroy free variant Conficker

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  • Sunday, December 12, 2010
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  • The new variant of Conficker (Downadup) continue to multiply exponentially making many people afraid to use Internet access and web browsing. This concern can be discharged with the tools to destroy and variations Conficker free from BitDefender.New variant is extremely dangerous and distributed via the web
    Security firm BitDefender announced the discovery of new variants have devastating large Downadup called Win32.Worm.Downadup.C. It uses the RPC vulnerability in Windows Server Service. This variant is almost immune to any anti-virus program. Once infected, the worm paralyzes all efforts to update Windows as well as anti-virus program, and prevent any contact with the website or domain name of the famous anti-virus to nocan update and retrieve tools and avoiding detection.
    "BitDefender Labs recognized outbreaks of worms, as Downadup, actually implanted the very sophisticated algorithms, making string changes over time - he Vlad Valceanu, an analyst of malicious code BitDefender, said - This worm has created a number of available domain names by date and by changing it to update. This allows hackers can quickly updated version, and transportation of stolen data each to a different address to easily erase the tracks. "
    Tool to destroy free Conficker
    Readers can download the tool to destroy Conficker (Downadup) to suppliers, the reason the domain name, because all domain names have been BitDefender normal worm blocking user access.


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