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  • Sunday, December 12, 2010
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  • ShutDown Suite is a small application for free, including the setup allows you to turn off, restart computer or log off from user accounts. This is really useful tool package that can not be missing, it will help you improve the maximum execution time manipulations familiar from previous and further offers a different way of working.ShutDown Suite comes in two versions: "No Install - No need to install" and "Installer-installation requirements." Within each version will contain the number of different applications. Specifically in the package "No Install", has 6 programs - does not require any confirmation from the system when they are activated (disadvantages). For example: ShutDown Safe.exe from the computer will shut down immediately.
    Specific weaknesses in the package "No Install" is Force.exe ShutDown, reboot and logoff Force.exe Force.exe. Means that in case some other application is running, usually when you suddenly turn off or perform similar tasks, the system will automatically stop this process, and is kept informed of the previous interactions with each other and waiting for the application you completed procedures (like Safe.exe ShutDown, reboot and logoff Safe.exe Safe.exe). But when you activate the shutdown / logoff / reboot Force.exe, it will reject any demands that the saved data, and then will be "coercive" process system to shutdown or restart. .. take place smoothly. So it will be easy to lose data when using the package "No Install" this, so I was determined to complete every task before shutdown.
    In the package "Installer", has three programs: Shutdown, Reboot and Logoff. These programs require installation and can be removed from the system as needed. After successful installation, we will appear with the corresponding icon in the bar tray function - allows you to turn off, reboot or log off your system easily. Here, you can configure the startup options for Windows.
    ShutDown Suite is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista. You can enter: to download the zipped file including the "No Install" and "Instaler."


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