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  • Sunday, December 12, 2010
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  • Latest update antivirus software Antivirus CMC (CMC AV) and Internet security software (CMC Internet Security - IS CMC) has added anti-rootkit feature."Rootkit is like the invisibility cloak for anti-virus software. If this shirt was put on a stealth virus or malicious code, creating a very serious threat. Ability to integrate rootkit scan will help CMC and CMC AV IS visible and thoroughly destroy the virus / malware, "said Tran Duc Trieu said.
    According to Germany, spreading mechanism, vandalism, theft of viruses, malicious code is increasingly sophisticated. This requires security companies always have to follow every move of those who develop and distribute malicious software. Besides updating the model viruses and malicious code every five minutes, beginning in March 2009, monthly CMC InfoSec will add features to enhance protection for computer userstwo AV products CMC and CMC IS.
    He said Germany since 2008, CMC CodeWalker has been tested and received high evaluation on site rootkit.com - where the exchange and discussion of rootkits and anti-rootkit software for the world's leading experts. This is the cradle off the source of the rootkit and anti-rootkit technology to the world.
    In addition to built-in rootkit scanner strength, this update adds new features and untrusted Zone Trusted Zone, allowing users to actively manage the program activities on the computer.
    For all your installed AV CMC and CMC IS an Internet connection, the program will automatically update new features. With the computer without an Internet connection, users can download updates from the address: http://support.cmclab.net/vn/index.php/board, 19.0.html


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