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    Windows 8 Build 8042 Compiled

    Posted: 10 Jul 2011 10:18 AM PDT

    The latest internal build of Windows 8 is 8042.0.110707-1940, which is a Milestone 3 build, and was compiled on July 7th. According to, applications and features that were working in the past were causing problems with the UI; however, they simply have yet to be updated with the rewritten code (as opposed to losing functionality altogether.) Bugs are being fixed however, and it appears that Microsoft is working on having something ready for its BUILD Developer conference in September. Unfortunately, nothing more has been heard to reinforce the validity of rumors surrounding a  Community Technical Preview of Windows 8 being available for the Worldwide Partner Conference this year.

    Microsoft has been also busy improving and developing its Live services (recently giving Skydrive, an online storage tool, a makeover) and integrating them with Windows 8. However, Windows Live is not yet synchronized with Windows 8 in terms of development. Live is in a Milestone 2 coding phase, with Milestone 1 bits currently being deployed into Windows 8. Next week, we can count on hearing more about Windows 8's cloud capabilities during the Worldwide Partner Conference next week and, beyond that, the BUILD conference.


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