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    Rumor: HP to release Windows 8 Tablet?

    Posted: 01 Jul 2011 05:33 PM PDT

    Tomorrow, July 1st, HP is releasing the TouchPad, a tablet that uses WebOS over software from Microsoft and Google. If HP is willing to acquire Palm at a lofty $1.2 billion, it may as well take advantage of all it offers, including WebOS.

    HP has absolutely no intention of joining the hordes of manufacturers who have implemented Android into their devices. An article from FastCompany quotes Phil McKinney, president of HP's personal systems groups: "We don't do Android," he dismissed.

    Even with WebOS, does it still mean that HP will eventually release a Windows 8 tablet?  HP already has an enduring relationship with Microsoft, shipping a plethora of desktops and laptops equipped with Windows. They've already released a tablet with Windows 7 on it called the Slate 500. Combine that with the knowledge that Microsoft is designing Windows 8 with a unified and consistent UI across tablets and computers in mind, not to mention smartphones with Windows Phone 7.

    FastCompany posed these same questions to McKinney, who replied "I'm limited to what I can talk about with Windows 8. We're working very closely with [Microsoft], and I'm going to leave it at that or I'm going to start getting in trouble." Interesting, he followed his response with a silence and a big grin, followed by a loud laugh and a subject change. The journalist notes: "His coy expression tells me a Windows 8-based HP tablet will likely come to market."

    Grouping together HP's longstanding alliance with Microsoft, McKinney's statements, and the fact that HP has already made a foray into the tablet market with Microsoft, it seems only logical that when Windows 8 is released, HP will use it to make a tablet.

    Personally, I believe that it's true. Even though what HP said about Windows 8 could be ignored because no clear answer is given, it's an obvious next step for HP. What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments whether you think HP will follow through with a Windows 8 tablet, and if you'd want one!



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