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    Updated Windows 8 installer now has cleanup disk feature

    Posted: 09 May 2011 02:32 PM PDT

    If you still plan to install Windows 8 old school style by booting up to the installation CD, then the added Cleanup Disk functionality from within the installation wizard will be a real treat. Otherwise, it is a small addition that is nice to have for most people who will be installing with Windows already booted.

    According to Neowin, an updated Windows 8 Build 7955 (pre-M3 build) uploaded now features the new Metro-like installer. The features from the installer seen in past leaks continue to exist at this point.

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    Microsoft allegedly fires two employees over Windows 8 leaks

    Posted: 09 May 2011 01:53 PM PDT

    Microsoft has allegedly fired two of their own employees due to their role in the recent Windows 8 leaks. After a long stream of Windows 8 screenshot and feature preview leaks, the first build leaked in April, with the most recent being a Milestone 3 server edition of Build 7959. This move by Microsoft will surely set a strict precedent for any future leakers.

    This news comes from Canouna of MDL, who has consistently rerouted information from Zukona from the Windows 7 era of leaks. According to WinRumors, one of the employees were based in Russia, with the other being based right in Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters. Microsoft has not yet commented or verified any facts on this issue.

    Currently, no official dates have been announced for Windows 8. However, most rumors speculate on a private beta being released by September in time for Microsoft’s Professional Developers’ Conference (PDC).

    With such harsh measures being taken in response to the Windows 8 leaks, is Microsoft hiding something big we have yet to see?


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