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    Windows 8 leaks reveal Windows Store logo and additional details

    Posted: 03 May 2011 06:07 PM PDT

    The latest Windows 8 leaks reveal even more details about the Windows Store. This is prior to our discovery that the latest Windows App Marketplace screenshots actually belonged to a third-party Chinese app. Current leaks show that the rumored Windows “App Store” will just be called the Windows Store. Furthermore, its logo was leaked by MSWin:

    In addition, leaked details from Windows8Italia also show a couple very interesting findings


    • Will support the purchase of goods and services directly within applications .
    • You can install applications trial and then decide whether to switch to full version .
    • Users can rate and review applications. Each comment will be reviewed in turn by other users.
    • Users can send reports of problems to application developers.
    • It will obviously look for possible applications and filter the results by price or category.
    • For each application will be available on:
      • Minimum System Requirements
      • End User License
      • Feature requests (Webcam, GPS …)
      • Category and Description
      • Application functionality
      • Rating the content
      • Screenshot
      • Link to support forum
      • Types of supported architectures (x86, x64, ARM, or neutral)
      • List of enhancements in the latest versions ( change log )

    Previous findings indicated that Microsoft is looking to integrate the Windows Store into the cloud, allowing the synchronization of apps and options between multiple systems based on an Online ID.

    It is speculated that Microsoft will deliver an early beta build of Windows 8 to developers at the Windows Developers Conference (WDC) in September. The latest leaked build of Windows 8 was 7959, which was leaked last week.

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