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    Windows 8 Push Notifications and improved Disk Cleanup

    Posted: 16 Apr 2011 02:37 PM PDT

    The Windows 8 Build that leaked to the public this week is proving more interesting than it first appeared. More than four features have already been uncovered, and more have yet to come.

    By digging deep within the registry, users over at MDL have spotted files related to the “Windows Push Notification Platform.” Naiveuser spotted the following files in Windows 8 Build 7850:

    wpnapps.dll “Windows Push Notification Apps”
    wpncore.dll “Windows Push Notification Core”
    wpnprv.dll “Windows Push Notification Platform Connection Provider”

    Windows 8 Webcam buttons were spotted as well, once again incorporating Metro UI elements from Windows Phone 7:

    And finally, we see a more improved Windows Disk Cleanup:

    There are more options for file deletion given during Disk Cleanup. I’m not quite sure if anyone would want to delete all their videos or images at once, but it’s good to see how much space each type of file is taking up at a given moment.

    If you’ve uncovered a feature in Windows 8, feel free to tip us via email.

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    Windows 8 Cloud features begin to surface

    Posted: 16 Apr 2011 01:44 PM PDT

    As more and more people dig through every crack and crevice of the leaked Windows 8 build, more and more features are being uncovered everyday. Although we haven’t exactly uncovered actual Windows 8 Cloud feature in-use within Windows 8, Windows 8 Italia has found tidbits of Windows 8 Cloud within the registry. AppX’s implementation in Windows 8 along with the App Marketplace was discovered in a similar fashion as well.
    The following details on the Cloud were seen mentioned within the system:

    Mobile Broadband Experience Account: Most likely be a method of connecting the user externally to access a device within the cloud

    File Server Resource Manager: Will ”synchronize files and folders between the local computer and a cloud service.”

    Setting Synchronization: The synchronization of users’ settings across their computers and devices with Windows Live ID. Neowin has even seen a group policy object to deal with this already.

    Streaming Manager: Allows the computer to use install the software and begin using it, while other features of the software are being downloaded as they are requested for use.

    Even though it seems like many of these features are in its infancy, as we have seen before, many of these features are actually just locked away.

    Windows 8 is rumored to be revealed at PDC 2011 this September.

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    Windows 8 Hybrid Boot to reduce startup times

    Posted: 16 Apr 2011 01:03 PM PDT

    The leaking of recent Windows 8 Build 7850 has led to the discovery of many new features that would otherwise remain unknown. The most recent feature was uncovered by Windows 8 Italia by typing “power button” in the Start Menu. Upon clicking “Change what the power buttons do,” a power options window from the control panel is launched.

    Then by clicking this item, the Hybrid Boot settings are revealed:

    Windows users may be too quick to rejoice when seeing this feature. The fact that it is a manual setting suggests that it may be a setting for more advanced users. Even more so, it seems that Hybrid Boot will change the shutdown process of the computer rather than the startup process.

    Wouldn’t Microsoft just incorporate this into Windows 8 as a default setting if it was just as simple as reducing startup times for everyone?

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    Windows 8 Portable Workspace: Take Windows on a USB with you

    Posted: 15 Apr 2011 02:08 PM PDT

    One of the most interesting Windows 8 features we have seen thus far: Windows 8 Portable Workspace. Similar to the Linux-on-a-stick solutions already offered, Portable Workspace will allow Windows 8 Enterprise customers to load a bootable image of Windows 8 onto a USB that is at least 16GB in size.

    A picture of the Windows 8 Portable Workspace Creator wizard

    This would definitely contribute to a higher Windows 8 adoption rate, allowing enterprise users to take Windows 8 home with them to continue work. It would also solve many compatibility problems that may exist when one tries to utilize an application originally designed for a previous version of Windows.

    No further details were given on this feature. The possibility of sync between the USB image and the actual Windows 8 computer it was ported from would really turn this into a killer Windows 8 feature.

    Is this a feature you would definitely use? Let us know in the comments.

    via Electronista

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