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    More Office 15 screenshots and videos leak

    Posted: 19 Mar 2011 07:08 AM PDT

    The latest leaked Microsoft Office 15 screenshots come from Russian Twitter user Alican35, which further reiterates Microsoft’s vision to incorporate Metro UI elements in several of its product lines.

    The videos and screenshots below are not overly exciting, but give you an idea as to what path Office 15 is going towards. Seems like a lot of animations have been added to make the Office experience much smoother. Below you will see some videos and screenshots and videos. Just a hint: you don’t have to watch the entire video, since it is pretty much the same thing throughout.

    Video showing typing cursor effect:

    Wanna see some more #office15 cursor effects? #beta on Twitpic

    Video showing zoom effect:
    (3) Word15 - word effect on Twitpic

    (5) PowerPoint15 (Last screenshot for today) #beta on Twitpic(4) Excel15 on Twitpic(2) Office15 - M1 Commands tab (@AngelWZR for u))) on Twitpic(1) Office15 - About on Twitpic

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