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    Leaked Windows 8 Screenshot reveals first Windows Update changes

    Posted: 23 Feb 2011 04:53 PM PST

    Just a quick post here; and before we receive a wave of hate comments, please don’t forget Windows 8 Milestone 2 is still to be finalized. It is very likely that we will not see any aesthetic changes until Milestone 3, as we had seen in history with Windows 7.

    That being said, it was the small changes in Windows 7 that mattered most, and we are starting to see the same kind of philosophy being incorporated into Windows 8 design.

    The first notable change is the Restart if required box, which will hopefully reduce the likelihood of seeing the “Please restart for Windows Update to complete” warnings.

    The second change is the “up one folder” button beside the back and forward buttons. It is interesting that this button is being added, since clicking on a specific directory on the address bar serves the same, if not even greater functionality.

    As with all leaked screenshots, we will place them on our Windows 8 Screenshots page. Or you can also visit our Windows 8 Screenshots tags page to visit each individual post and our reports.

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