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  • Performance is what is not palpable but is the most desirable when it comes to computers, the adjustment to get the desired performance is viewed as a principle rather than a regular job. The main purpose of the performance here is that there are system response time is faster, the game runs faster boot times and shorter shutdown ...Waste tracking and customer have synthesized some great content to help you refine your stars for Windows 7 to be "smooth":
    1. Acceleration switch between windows
    When switching between windows in Windows 7 we will see a zoom effect - in miniature. However, we can eliminate this effect to transition between windows faster.
    Perform these simple steps:
    1. Click Start and then enter into the Search box SystemPropertiesPerformance.
    2. When the dialog appears select the Visual Effects tab.
    3. Then uncheck the box Animate windows minimizing and maximising khi click OK.
    2. Accelerate Windows 7 launch
    By default, Windows 7 uses only one core to launch but we can make some adjustment in the System Configuration configuration to increase the number of cores used to reduce the time of launch.
    1. Click on the Start menu select Run then type msconfig.
    2. Select the Boot tab and then click the Advanced button optiopns ...
    3. Selection Number of processors box and select the number of processor cores that want to use the boot process.

    4. Click OK and Apply.
    5. Reboot to apply the changes.
    3. Remove unused fonts
    The font again, especially True Type font, occupying a part of system resources. To have an optimal performance we should just keep the font and the font used, but the application requires. To remove a font perform the following steps:
    1. Open the Control Panel.
    2. Fonts folder.
    3. Move unused fonts to a temporary folder. Attention should not be removed in case a certain type of font should be used again. The more fonts are removed, the system resources are released as large.
    4. Reduce the time off of Windows 7
    Windows 7 shutdown faster than Vista and XP, but we can further accelerate this process by making some changes in the Windows registry to reduce waiting time to close the process. Perform the following actions:
    Note: Before performing this procedure we should backup system to prevent errors.
    1. Click Start, then Run, type regedit in the box. Press Enter.
    2. AccessCode: "" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control "".
    3. Right-click and select key WaitToKillServiceTimeout lower value. The default value is 12,000 (12 seconds) but we can choose a lower value than any other.
    4. Done click OK and restart your system.
    5. Remove feature Indexing Search
    If you know the address file storage, and just do a search file, when necessary, Indexing Search features completely unnecessary, not only can it take up a lot of system resources, so this is a feature that you should turn off. Perform the following actions:
    1. Click Start, then Run, type services.msc in the box.
    2. Navigate to the Windows Search service, right-click on it.
    3. In the Startup Type select Disabled.
    6. Configuring the Taskbar Thumbnails Preview
    Preview Taskbar thumbnails (small preview window on the Taskbar) is one of quite unique features of Windows 7. But if time display of the thumbnail is too long or too fast, we can raise or lower this time around in the registry. Perform the following actions:
    Note: We need to backup the system before implementing the change process because registry problems can always arise with the system.
    1. Click Start, type regedit in the Run box and press Enter.2. Access areasCode:  

    3. Right-click Advanced and select New | DWORD Value and enter the following: ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime.
    4. Right-click on ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime select Modify.
    5. Base select Decimal and then enter the desired duration (in milliseconds).
    6. Click OK and reboot the system.
    7. Remove some services
    Some of the services of Windows 7 pretty much occupied RAM, and it is wasted if we do not need to use those services. So we should set the startup mode to manual some services are not needed.To launch the service or disable the implementation of the following:
    1. Go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools and select Services.
    2. Then right-click on the Stop selected services to off, or start to turn.
    The service includes a written description of what they do (note, many services of third parties not described). Status column in the Services window shows you that the service has started running or not. Startup Type means that service will start like:Automatic means the service starts when Windows is startedManual means the service starts when Windows detects it deems necessary.Disabled means the service will not be executed.Most services are set to Automatic or Manual in the state. You do not need to change any services that Manual; they only start when it needs them to perform a task, I believe.There may be some automatic services are not needed.To change the service started, you simply right-click and select Properties. If you do not want any services loaded into the first stop the service by clicking Stop, then you pull down the Startup Type list and set the service to Manual or Disabled mode.
    If unsure about a service, you should set it to Manual mode to ensure safety. If case you do not need to know for sure that the new service should select Disabled.
    The services required depends on what you do with your computer. For example, if you're not using ReadyBoost, it can completely disable this service in addition you can disable Windows Error Reporting (Windows error report) if they do not want to bug reports, there can disable Tablet PC Input Service if you do not want to use this feature ...
    You can disable most services start automatically in default mode as follows:Computer BrowserDistributed Link Tracking ClientAuthIP IKE and IP Keying ModulesOffline FilesRemote RegistryTablet PC Input Service (unless you use a Tablet PC)Windows Error ReportingSome of the services you absolutely must not disable include:Multimedia Class SchedulerPlug and PlaySuperFetchTask SchedulerWindows AudioWindows Driver FoundationPerform this operation must be checked immediately, if there is any phenomenon that does not work then you need to change back to its original state for services that you have the latest readjustment.
    As an example, here is the service can be disabled on the computer gaming network.DFS ReplicationComputer BrowserDistributed Link Tracking ClientIKE and IPsec Keying Modules AuthIPIP HelperIPsec Policy AgentDistributed Transaction Coordinator for KtmRmOffline FilesRemote RegistrySecondary LogonSecurity Center (Use a warning if you disable the security services!)SSDP DiscoveryTablet PC Input ServiceTerminal ServicesWindows Defender (Like the warning above!)Windows Error Reporting Service

    8. Registry optimization and other services:
    1. You first need to download it here. Here are some tips registration system optimization and adds some useful features for you. The file, unzip and run. Reboot to take effect parameters.If you restore the standard functions, use this file.2. The next step is you click the Computer icon on the Desktop select Properties. Next click Advanced system settings and then click the Settings button in the Performance section.

    • This program will open another window for you. Turn off all options in Visual Effects category, can leave some of the following depending on your needs:
    • Enable desktop composition (to use the Aero theme)
    • Enable transparent glass (used throughout the show)
    • Show thumbnails instead of icons (small pictures displayed instead of the general symbol)
    • Show window contents while dragging (display window contents while dragging)
    • Smooth edges of screen fonts (display fonts smooth)
    • Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop (using the icon with the ball)
    • Use visual styles on windows and buttons (if you use Aero or Basic theme)

    In the dialog box, you can turn off the following features by putting a checkmark:• Animate controls and elements inside windows• Animate Windows When minimizing and maximizing• Fade or slide menus into view• Fade or slide tooltips into view• Fade out menu items after clicking• Show window contents while dragging• Slide open combo boxesClick OK when finished.

    3. Open Windows Explorer> Organize> Folder and Search Options and click on the View tab. Now you disable the following options:Display file size information in folder tips (show directory size)Hide extensions for known file typesShow encrypted or compressed NTFS files in colorShow pop-up description for folder and desktop items.

    4. Right-click the Computer icon on the Desktop and select Manage.Now you the Services & Applications> Services. Here you set up some unnecessary services to Manual, so this service does not start automatically with Windows. So you can reboot faster.
    You can turn off unnecessary Windows 7 Service safely:Application ExperienceComputer Browser (If your computer is not connected to the network)Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (disabled only if you do not use Aero theme)Diagnostic Policy ServiceDistributed Link Tracking ClientIP HelperOffline FilesPortable Device Enumerator ServicePrint Spooler (if your phone is not only disable the printer used)Protected StorageRemote Registry (disabled for safety-net)Secondary LogonSecurity CenterServer (If your computer is not connected to the network)Tablet PC Input ServiceTCP / IP NetBIOS HelperThemes (computer off when you use the Classic theme)Windows Error Reporting ServiceWindows Media Center Service LauncherWindows Search (If you do not regularly use the search function of Windows)Windows Time (If you do not want to update now via Internet)5. Now you to Run and run msconfig. You go to the Startup tab to disable unwanted items. You can disable the add-on graphics card, sound card to speed up boot and system performance for Windows 7.
    6. You open the Sound in Control Panel. You on the Sounds tab and select No Sounds in Sound Scheme section. You can select a favorite type of audio is enabled, except set Exit Windows, Windows Logoff, Windows Logon and Start Navigation to None.
    Ngoài ra bạn cũng có thể vô hiệu hoá Play Windows Startup sound để tắt âm thanh được phát tại màn hình đăng nhập.
    7. Và bạn cũng đừng quên các việc sau:

    • Chống phân mảnh đĩa cứng
    • Chỉ cài các phần mềm khi thấy cần thiết
    • Sử dụng driver mới nhất
    • Thường xuyên cập nhật Windows.

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