8 things you should know about Windows 8

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  • Simultaneously with the release of Windows 7, Microsoft is also actively preparing for the next version: Windows 8. Here are eight things to know about the next generation of Windows 7.
    Promises Windows 8 will be released in late 2011 or early 2012 - Internet Photo
    1. Windows 8 will be released in late 2011 or early 2012
    That is the time Windows 7 has been out for 2-3 years. For years, the conventional route, Microsoft has released new versions of Windows next 2-3 years. From Vista to Windows 7 as well.
    2. Late 2010, will launch the first version
    At the present time, still could not confirm the Windows 8 will be and what not. A vision for the future have been outlined for the next version of Windows, but the specific features of the star is still in preparation. Not until late next year, what will be available on Windows 8 will be "low key". That may be the time when Microsoft announced the first beta.
    Recent rumors regarding the ability of technology to support 128 - bit is completely accurate.
    3. Hibernate and resume high-speed
    According to information from the Windows development team, will have a new API integration tasks Hibernate / Resume using the "new file compressor by TLZ technology." The process of "hibernation" and "wake up" will be faster.
    4. Windows 8 will have features and new security network
    According to an engineer from disclosure under the Windows Team, will have new features aimed at the network processor in Windows 8.
    Windows 8 will change the security features, authentication mode and encryption system when the network connection, and may be related to Windows Server.
    5. Will be the contribution of the Seadragon technology?
    Was developed based on the integrated language Ajax, Microsoft Live Labs Seadragon built to help users share their photos with extremely high resolution easily.
    Seadragon will probably come with Windows 8 (as well as Windows Mobile 7, WPF XNA for the Xbox and for Windows Vista as well as 7).
    6. Windows 8 will support multi-screen mode better
    Steven Sinofsky, currently president in charge of Windows claims, better support multi-mode screen work was a feature of the area will contribute in Windows 8.
    7. 8 can run Windows on ARM chip
    At least eight of Windows will be able to run on ARM and Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which is used to design a smartphone. But that does not mean the device chips can be installed on the original Windows 8. However, this attractive scenario would pave the way for Windows continues to dominate the smartphone market, and support for those devices, the PC is low profile.
    8. Steven Sinofsky will be responsible for developing Windows 8
    This is also the character helped to Windows 7 user with hands on time. However, when a person has more executive experience than the strategic vision outlined in the product development plans as Srinofsky, Windows 8 will probably just an improved version compared to previous generations, without much promise for the gamers.
    Outstanding Vista Windows 7, but basically, Windows 7 is based on the architecture of the old operating system. Perhaps, for generations ahead of Windows 7, Windows 8 should be "mature" than that, in comparison with what Windows 7 has been taken as the fulcrum to overcome Vista.

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