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  • FlashGet (formerly JetCar) is designed to separate the two biggest problems when downloading files: Speed and management of downloaded files. If you've been waiting to dowmload the file with a slow connection, or when interrupted halfway through the download, or can not track how downloading process - FlashGet is a software for you.FlashGet can split downloaded files into sections, downloading each section simultaneously to increase downloading speed from 100% to 500%. This combined with powerful management features, ease of use FlashGet help you take control of your downloads which previously never had.
    FlashGet displays download progress in ranks of glittering dots, but its acceleration is not as pronounced. Ability to start a download without confirmation makes for slow starts. We had difficulty in locating configuration settings, a problem aggravated by a help system that apparently belongs to an earlier version. However, the software managed and categorized our sample downloads efficiently. FlashGet supports over 30 languages!
    * Speed: FlashGet can automatically split files into smaller parts and download each split simultaneously. Open connections to each file and the result is the most efficient exploitation of the bandwidth available. Whatever your connection, FlashGet makes sure all of the bandwidth advantage. Downloads that perform difficult, usually slow to take ages easily. Significantly reduce download time.
    * Management: FlashGet is capable of creating a number of categories is not limited to your files. Download jobs can be placed in the category named to access features quickly and easily. The powerful management features and easy to use in FlashGet help you take control of your downloads easily.
    FlashGet Highlights:
    - Speed. The ability to split files into up to 10 sections, downloading each section simultaneously. Can download up to 8 different parts simultaneously. FlashGet just might be the fastest download software around!- Organize Categorize files with the file management features are integrated, simple yet powerful FlashGet before your files engulf you!- Mirror search. Automatically search for the fastest server for the fastest possible downloads.- Automatically have FlashGet dial up, hang up & shut down the computer in your absence.- Schedule to download files whenever you want! Whether you are sleeping or during off-peak periods, certain times of the day of the week, weekend or at any time. The choice is yours!- Manage your copious downloaded files with you a simple interface yet powerful FlashGet.Automate your FlashGet downloads with just one click! Supported web browsers Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera *. * With freely downloadable plug-in.- Very easy to use. FlashGet's interface is logical, integrated, informative and customizable. Queue your downloads with FlashGet's logical queuing system.- Control the download speed limit so that downloading files does not interfere with your web browser!- Easily see at a glance any aspect of your downloads. Whether it be server status messages, monitoring splits, amount downloaded, time left ... whatever! No excessive clicking into multiple open windows to see what's going on!- Customize the the FlashGet toolbar and user interface, including window color graphs and logs. Support for proxy servers for maximum downloading flexibility.- Speak your language with the ability to auto-select language FlashGet (more than 20 languages available).- Check for FlashGet updates from within FlashGet.- Monitor your download progress, server status messages and download splits the user interface with fully functional and easiest to use!- Supports BT download files. BitTorrent!
    Technical Guidance
    User Guide:
    If your system has been installed Flashget, go all old program files to another folder. Then unzip the file you just downloaded on your setup Flashget.
    If you want to keep the english language as default language, do not forget to do these steps before you exit the program Flashget v3:
    - Right click on tray icon
    - Select Options
    - Click the Appearance tab in the Options window
    - Click Language
    - Select Tiếng Việt- Click Apply and then OK.
    You can download here
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