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  • Defragment (disk defragmentation) is one of the most important job in the "work of" protecting your computer. In short, disk fragmentation will make the data were turned upside down and arrange a confusing way, making Windows takes more time to search and access data, similar to the "suffering" find documents on a messy desk. Perform the defragmentation operation as to reorder "desks" to your data can easily search and find.By default, Windows gives you to perform defrag utility. However, this gadget is only the most basic functions. In case not enough trust to use this utility available, you can ask the help of SmartDefrag. This utility not only allows you to perform disk defragmentation, but also for automatic optimization, automatic command history and many other features.The program is compatible with Windows 2000/XP and Vista, download free here.
    After downloading and installing, you enable to use the program. The whole menu is located in the left pane of the program.
    - Defrag Now allows you to undertake work to defragment and optimize the partitions on your hard drive immediately. Check the partition you want to perform, click Start to begin the work. You can choose to only implement the program or just defragment defragmentation, optimization has the optional hard drive is located right in the Start menu.

    Depending on the level of fragmentation as well as the amount of hard, real-time job would different lengths. (Of course, if you have the option to defragment, medium optimization, it will take more time compared to only perform defragmentation). Before proceeding to defragment, you can click on Analyze to see how fragmented the partition.
    By using the color table to describe the state of "health" of your hard drive, information about the amount used, degree of fragmentation ... the program will display a visual way.Red indicating how fragmented the drive. If your hard drive to see more red then you should take immediate defragmentation job.

    - Auto Defrag is designed to allow you to program automatic defragmentation. With powerful computers, while conducting combat fragmentation makes the system very sluggish activities and affecting work. SmartDefrag will let you set up automatic defragmentation, but whenever you do not use computers, the program will automatically perform its work and will pause when you come back and use the computer then continued in next time.
    In this section there are 3 options: Defrag + Auto Enable: enable automatic defragmentation
    Defrag + Auto Pause vượt quá khi 40% resource usage: temporary suspension of work if the system uses up to 40% of system resources. The default is 40% but you can change the default in the payment slip behind. This will ensure not make your computer crash.
    Defrag + Auto Start khi bị hệ idle for 5 minutes: automatic file defragmentation when the system fails when not used within 5 minutes. As above, you can change this default time by slider at the rear.
    With this feature, your system will not waste any moment you leave the computer to do one another.
    - Schedule: the program is scheduled to perform on a job at any time of day, week or month. To set a specific time for work to defragment or optimize your hard drive, click the Schedule Config.

    SmartDefrag window appears. You select the Schedule tab, then set up specific time for the program. Can be set to automatically operate the program in a specific time every day, every month or every week ...
    - Options: The item allows you to change the options of the program. You should leave this option by default because this was the most appropriate setting for everyone.
    Can say no worse SmartDefrag any commercial software about features and power, but totally free.


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