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    Intel: “retarded” evolution of PCs, not anymore with Windows 8

    Posted: 16 Oct 2011 06:31 AM PDT

    At Dell World last Friday, the  president and CEO of Intel Paul Otellini discussed the prospects of Windows 8 combined with Intel chips but more interestingly claimed that the evolution of the PC has been "retarded" over the last few years. I agree – in the nine year
    period between XP and Windows 7, Vista was a huge failure and no one can remember its impact. Windows 7, while being one of Microsoft's most highly acclaimed operating systems ever, was simply miles superior to Vista, which was part of the reason why everyone bought a copy, and was simpler to use. But the lack of a complete overhaul, a radical change is what I think Otellini was
    talking about that will take place in Windows 8.

    Otellini spoke to an audience of industry executives and told them that Intel loves PCs – and that together, Microsoft and Intel have built a "wonderful industry." He also stated that he thought PCs are now being taken for granted because of their immense capability and usefulness, and something has to be done in order to make PCs more consumer friendly. Intel plans to solve the problem with Ultrabooks – a new breed of
    laptops (similar to ultraportables) that are extremely portable, light, user friendly, but also have the capability of fulfilling the work and creativity
    needs of the population.

    Otellini admits that the work on Ultrabooks has been geared towards Windows 8 – "Windows 8 and its early development was something we were working with them very closely on," he remarked. "We think that Windows 8 on Intel architecture, particularly in Ultrabook form factors, will give you the ultimate experience for both consumer and IT workers." Poor AMD.


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