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    Microsoft on Changes to Start Menu of Windows 8

    Posted: 04 Oct 2011 01:47 PM PDT

    In a blog post on the Building Windows 8 blog, Steven Sinofsky (who we all know well as the head of the Microsoft Windows Division), wrote that Microsoft has been getting a lot of reactions and suggestions. I hope that means some changes are on the way! Check out this fan-made video:

    That is some pretty cool stuff.
    In other news, Microsoft is also holding a virtual Windows 8 Developer Preview Install fair this weekend on October 8 and 9. Their engineers will be there to guide you through the installation process, and Microsoft is encouraging you to feel free to talk about what you like or dislike about the process, or simply just offer feedback on Windows 8. Have you installed Windows 8 DP? What do you like about it, and do you have any issues? I installed it on my new Toshiba laptop, and I like it for the most part….except that I can’t access the internet. I’m planning to redownload an updated version of the DP and reinstall. Sound off in the comments!

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