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    WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Windows 8 News

    Posted: 29 Aug 2011 01:41 PM PDT

    So as you probably know, there has been a slew of leaks and information about Windows 8 these past few days – and in case you missed any of it (or is the type of person who only reads the first post on a website), here’s the link to four brand new articles Windows8Center has written for your enjoyment.

    1.) New Designs for Windows 8 Apps Begin to Emerge

    2.) Mystery Quad Core Tablet Running Windows 8

    3.) Milestone 2 Windows 8 Build 7972 Leaks

    4.) New Windows Explorer Interface in “Building Windows 8″ Blog

    What do you think about all the news? Sound off in the comments!

    UPDATE: New Windows 8 Ad


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    Microsoft Shows off Windows 8 UI/Tablet in Commercial?

    Posted: 29 Aug 2011 01:11 PM PDT

    A new ad has appeared on Vimeo for Microsoft’s Windows Enterprise group. What’s particularly interesting about this (that Winrumors first spot) is a new taskbar UI for Windows that Microsoft seems to display twice in the video. It is to be noted that in the video normal versions of Vista and Windows 7 are shown, giving me the impression that many Microsoft OS’s are being displayed here, so the one with the new taskbar could very well be Windows 8. The design is in accordance with the Metro UI design paradigms: a flattened Windows Start icon with a clock in the middle. It also seems to be translucent. Keep reading for what Windows8Center saw in the video!

    A glimpse into Windows 8?

    What I thought was particularly interesting was the tablet with a Fujitsu logo. It seems very similar to the picture of the “mystery quad-core tablet,” which you can read about here. The woman in the ad seems to be using it for work and is seen typing on some sort of virtual keyboard. Since we’ve already seen in this ad what could be Windows 8, there’s no reason that Microsoft wouldn’t sneak a tablet running Windows 8 into the video – in fact, what else could it be? What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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    New “Building Windows 8″ Post: Explorer Improvements

    Posted: 29 Aug 2011 11:45 AM PDT

    Earlier today, Microsoft posted another entry in its new “Building Windows 8″ blog. It begins by elucidating on the history and evolution of the popular tool Windows Explorer, from Windows 1.0 to Windows XP to finally Windows 7. It then shows some hard data: how often different commands are used in Explorer (the top 10 commands people use are 81.8% of Explorer command use and the top 7 are all for manipulating/managing files), how people access these commands most frequently (86.7% of commands are accessed by either way of the right-click menu or the hotkey, and only 10.9% come from the command bar, the most visible UI element in Explorer in Windows 7 and Vista.), and finally, which of the top 10 commands are found in the command bar (only Refresh and the command bar itself.) Seeing that a clear user interface design principle is that frequently used commands should be easy to get to and that Microsoft has not accomplished this goal, the Windows 8 team set out to change this, also listening to community feedback.

    Top 10 commands in Windows Explorer                                                                             How commands are accessed

    The changes that have taken place are manifested in a new “ribbon” interface which exposes a lot of the “hidden gems” in Explorer that most customers don’t even know exist and gives quick and easy access to the most popular commands in a way that is also touch-friendly. As an added bonus, the ribbon interface is already familiar to most users that have Office 2007 or 2010.  The new ribbon, despite subtracting screen real estate, actually gives more space because of different things being rearranged in Explorer, such as the “details” pane – which is now located on the side of the screen.

    New ribbon interface with overlay showing Command usage pecent

    Real estate comparison between Windows 7 Explorer and Windows 8 Explorer

    You can also watch the new video here:

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    Milestone 2 Windows 8 Build 7927

    Posted: 29 Aug 2011 11:07 AM PDT

    Earlier today, a Milestone 2 version of Windows 8 leaked and is circulating on torrent sites. The build is an early sample if Microsoft’s work with the Milestone 2 stage of Windows 8.

    It was compiled in February, so it’s pretty old and does not contain any new improvements or features. Microsoft is well into the 80.xx build numbers and revealed today that it is at the 8059 stage of Windows 8, which was unveiled during a video demonstration ("Building Windows 8") of the new ribbon user interface in Windows 8′s Explorer.

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    Mystery Quad-core Windows 8 Tablet?

    Posted: 29 Aug 2011 10:36 AM PDT

    On Wednesday, August 24th, a group of technology enthusiasts convened for Microsoft’s annual Tech Ed conference in Auckland, New Zealand. Microsoft reportedly showcased a plethora of new gadgets in a session entitled "Windows Devices." One of these devices is an Windows 8 ready unbranded slate which has never been seen before. Two pictures were taken and posted online by self-described Microsoft fanboy and IT consultant Alan Burchill from a session with Microsoft Principal Architect Patrick Hevesi.

    Burchill mentioned alongside the pictures that the device was a "Quad Core Windows Slate that will be given out at an upcoming Microsoft Event," but those claims have since been mysteriously pulled from the post with no explanation. Burchill seems to be blatantly referring to the sold-out BUILD conference, which is scheduled to commence in two weeks on September 13. It is notable that Microsoft regularly gives away a related device at BUILD, with Windows 7′s announcement year offering laptops running the new OS.

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    New Work on Windows 8 Apps

    Posted: 29 Aug 2011 08:55 AM PDT

    Companies are gearing up for the imminent release of Windows 8, and it seems the operating system has shown enough promise to pique the interest of app developers. has found that Robbie Dillon, the art director of the newspaper USA Today, updated his portfolio with this image of a proposed Windows 8 USA Today app. It appears to be running on some sort of tablet/slate device.

    "In preparation for the Windows 8 release, this app is being built to take advantage of the touch-first, native environment of Windows 8, while retaining the look and feel of the Windows Metro UI and showcasing the content of USA Today."

    Their apparent enthusiasm for Windows 8 comes as no surprise; the news provider already has apps for the iPad, Android Honeycomb (built for tablets), Windows 7 on tablets, and even the HP TouchPad. (As well as all their smartphone counterparts.)

    Jetstream Software is another company which has also showcased an app built around "social traveling." They were also eager to expound on their history with Windows:

    "Jetstream has worked extensively with each new Microsoft Operating system long before it is released. We've been building applications on Windows 7 since early betas. By the time most companies begin development on applications for a new operating system, we've been using it daily for months. We've learned the pitfalls, what works, and most importantly what does not." warns that the app is not confirmed to built specifically for Windows 8. And remember, it’s highly likely that at the BUILD Conference, Microsoft will exhibit many more sample apps being built for Windows 8.

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