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    Windows 8 to beef security with native SmartScreen file-checking

    Posted: 08 Apr 2011 07:05 PM PDT

    Microsoft is looking to beef the security of Windows 8, in addition to its efforts with Microsoft Security Essentials. Today, we see another feature leaked, this time, by Long Zheng.

    Smartscreen will become a native feature of Windows 8. Smartscreen is a file-checking feature that will prevent users from launching malicious software. At the moment, the option “Never run downloaded programs that are unknown to Smartscreen,” seems to be unchecked by default.

    You actually may have already seen SmartScreen in action, since it is already being used in Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger. Every time a link is pasted into Messenger, SmartScreen checks it against a filter, or runs an algorithm to check whether the link can be potentially harmful.

    In Windows 8, SmartScreen will utilize such a filter as well. It will act like the “Guard” component of many antivirus programs, as well as prevent unknown apps to be downloaded or launched.

    Zheng has yet to trigger this feature, as most features within current Windows 8 builds are still locked away by Microsoft.

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