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    Download Windows 8′s Aero Lite theme for Windows 7

    Posted: 16 Mar 2011 05:04 PM PDT

    Windows 8 Aero Lite UI replicated theme applied on Windows 7 (Click image to enlarge)

    With the Aero Lite elements leaked, hardcore Windows 8 fans went straight to work in attempts to replicate this new look in Windows 7. The theme is not yet 100% complete, but ThePanda-X from Deviantart has already incorporated many of the AeroStyle elements leaked earlier.

    The Start Menu, context menus, breadcrumb, side-slider, progess bars, and taskbar have all been modified to look like Aero Lite.

    Even the Copy/Paste confirmation window has updated arrows:

    Where to Download:

    Direct Download link from Deviantart – Click here

    How to Install:

    1. Extract the files into:
    2. C:\Windows\Resources Themes


    3. Double-click the Aero Lite.theme file. You’re done!

    If the theme does not apply, download Rafael’s UXStyle patcher, which will allow you to install 3rd-party themes on Windows 7. Don’t worry, Rafael is the owner of WithinWindows, and has been known to release many useful patches in the past, including unlocking the new taskbar in Windows 7 M3.

    Video Tutorial:

    And here is a video tutorial for those who really need it:

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    Internet Explorer 10 spotted in Windows 8

    Posted: 16 Mar 2011 02:38 PM PDT

    Yesterday, Microsoft announced the new version of their web browser, Internet Explorer 9. But already, there are rumours of the next iteration being under development.

    It is expected that just as Internet Explorer 9 debuted on MIX 10, Internet Explorer 10 would be demoed to the public in MIX 11 with a possible release date that coincides with the 2012 estimated RTM of Windows 8.

    A post on Win7China also confirms the appearance of an IE10 version integrated with a recent Windows 8 M3 build. Although IE 10 was not spotted in the earlier builds of Windows 8 M3, Win7China has been credited with recent legitimate leaks of Windows 8 screenshots.

    Moreover, the source claimed that…

    Although there will certainly be improvements in functionality and performance of IE10, the biggest change will be the UI. This change is to compliment the huge change in the Windows 8 UI. Roughly translated word for word, Internet Explorer 10′s appearance (UI) of hover-like functionality will be the same as Windows 8. In other words, this can be contrasted against the click-like functionality of Windows today.

    Also stated: “the change is so large that it is as big as the change from Windows 1.0 to Windows 95. Hearing this, the recent leaked screenshots are still real, but only show a bit of what is to come…”


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