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    Windows 8 to feature AeroLite UI with “Metro” look from WP7

    Posted: 13 Mar 2011 06:20 PM PDT

    A big issue everyone had with Windows Vista were the hardware requirements. Windows Vista was often mistakenly labelled as a slow and sluggish operating system, simply because it was being installed on insufficient hardware. Microsoft has not forgotten this mistake, especially with Windows 8.

    As more information continues to leak, we now hear from AngelWZR (via Twitter) about a new AeroLite UI. AngelWZR managed to get a screenshot of the Windows 8 AeroLite theme files, as well as some information on the user interface:

    Generally, Windows 8 Aerolight [Aerolite] theme looks a lot like Metro UI in some parts. It’s very flat, as I can say looking to resources from it.

    AngelWZR also reiterated that the buttons and other features are similar to those in WP7, except different colours are being used.

    For those unfamiliar with the Metro UI, it is the codename of the design being used in Windows Phone 7. This should come as no surprise based on previous rumors that Windows 8 will feature the live-tiles seen in Windows Phone 7.

    The amount of information leaking on Windows 8 has been increasing since coding began for Milestone 3. It will be interesting to see what else unfolds in the near future.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Metro UI, below is a quick video of it being demoed on Windows Phone 7 (WP7):

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    Download Windows 8 wallpapers from the latest leaked screenshots

    Posted: 13 Mar 2011 01:48 PM PDT

    If you can’t leak anything from Windows 8, what do you do? Why, you just replicate it! Reymond-P (see below for download links) from DeviantArt has replicated the famous “shhh… Let’s not leak our hard work” wallpapers we’ve seen in the leaked Windows 8 screenshots. He calls it a near replica, but I seriously cannot tell the difference between these ones and the original ones.

    He’s also customized the wallpaper into 6 different colours: Green, Magenta, Black, Red, Blue, and Purple.

    Download Links:

    Download directly from HotFile (1280*768, 1220*720, 1366*768, and 1980*1020; all colours)

    Download directly from Reymond-P’s DeviantArt here (1920*1080 size only; all colours)

    We’ve added these links to our Windows 8 Wallpapers page as well, which will be a collection of all Windows 8 wallpapers

    Can’t find your size?

    Let us know in the comments if one of the above wallpapers don’t fit your screen.


    You can download the other leaked wallpaper as well – Click here to download (1920*1080 only)

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    More Windows 8 taskbar images from Milestone 3 leak out

    Posted: 13 Mar 2011 06:49 AM PDT

    At this stage of Windows 8 development, the strict procedures Microsoft has laid out has prevented most of us from learning anything new about Windows 8 recently.

    But as we reach Milestone 3, the distribution of Windows 8 continues to increase, and it is inevitable that we will see more and more leaks to come.

    The most recent screenshot leak comes from Vlad62 of MDL (via rintako). The two screenshots leaked do not show much changes, but is further proof that Microsoft is pushing with its new taskbar changes. We continue to see the Windows Live ID userpic in the right corner. Another small change is that the language bar now shows three letters instead of two, for the language abbreviation. Also interestingly noted, is that the placement of the icons within the taskbar remains the same, despite some screenshots floating around showing the icons centered within the taskbar.


    Microsoft has enforced a strict NDA, as well as including traceable elements within the latest Windows 8 builds. This has prevented any possible build leaks, but it won’t stop others from releasing screenshots, which we are sure to see in the near future.

    P.S: As always, we’ve included these screenshots in one nice page with all Windows 8 screenshots here.

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