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    Upgrading through every version of Windows since DOS 5.0

    Posted: 06 Mar 2011 03:24 PM PST

    Prepare for a trip down memory lane. YouTuber Andy spends what seems like a whole day upgrading Windows, starting from DOS 5.0 and working his way up until Windows 7. Microsoft truly deserves a hand for making this process possible.

    Andy keeps track of several interesting items, such as noting changes between the upgrades, and how well certain things are preserved as you move up the chain of upgrades. He also charts the compatibility of games such as Doom2, Monkey Island, and several legacy apps.

    The video is long – 10 minutes – but it definitely is worth it if you want to revisit the 20 years Windows has gone through before becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

    Hopefully Andy will be able to add Windows 8 to this video when it is released.

    Youtube [TheRasteri]

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