Windows 8 User Interface, codenamed as “Wind”?

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  • Saturday, December 11, 2010
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  • A post by Windows 8 Italia mentioned that the Windows 8 will have a brand-new User Interface codenamed as ‘Wind’ .
    The interface, codenamed Wind, will be the evolution of Windows 7 Aero Peek. Wind will initially only supported by high-end notebook and desktop PCs with dedicated video card, as it will require about 170MB of video memory, but Microsoft is definitely working to reduce it’s resource consumption. The new UI would only work with the 64bit version of Windows. Microsoft is also working on another interface which will focus on less powerful computers and will be the only interface available for Windows 8 32bit.
    Wind in their two versions will be fully dynamic, able to adapt to the user’s habits and operations in particular will have two types of dynamics: the first will create shortcuts when necessary and available in certain scenarios, speeding up certain tasks. The second adapts the interface of Windows 8 according to daily activities that we do with computers.  Even the icons will be smart and automatically adapt to user needs.
    According to the sources Windows NT will also be abandoned in the next version of Windows 8.
    The site also states that “a possible OS-based Cloud Computing would not be called Windows 8 and would be an entirely different operating system”. What OS would it be?

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