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  • CMC Antivirus is antivirus software free for personal use, supply security and the ability to control the global data into the system while protecting your computer against: Virus, Spyware , Worm ... by scanning files, e-mail, Web sites you visit. Ability to protect your computer by no less CMC Antivirus Antivirus software other famous you know.
    Interestingly, CMC Antivirus was developed by a team of software security experts of the CMC InfoSec - Full Company of Vietnam - one of seven members of the CMC Group.
    With the analysis and update of new virus samples were done 24/24 plus quality control process closely CMC InfoSec this software deserves your download of use. One thing more special than the other anti-virus software is the speed of the CMC Antivirus update very fast, works well in terms of internet connection is not available as in our country
    Vietnamese-friendly interface helps users are acutely in the implementation of advanced tasks. Let's try loading on to discover how mild.
    Released: 28/10/2008 by CMC LabFile size: 10.1 MbUpdate time:Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
    Main features.Ability to identify good list identifies over 1.5 million virus samples.Real-time protection: Managing the entire operation of your computer in real-time tasks on file, the process is running, all the other control systemScan file format: Scan file format common.File Protection: Allows scan all files that contain hard drives, CD drives and external computer. Automatically detecting and removing viruses in all files when you visit.E-mail protection: Protect your mail before the onslaught of viruses, Trojans and other types of software nature of information theft.Web Protection: This function is to ensure that your system will be protected absolutely safe before the attack of viruses, worms and other programs that steal information when browsing.Features
    Friendly interface: Combined English-Vietnamese bilingual, easy to install and use.
    Automatic Updates: Automatic updates patches, update mode to conserve bandwidth.Antivirus CMC allows users to set the update mode as desired: Update crystals, periodically updated from 5 to 60 minutes or updated manually.Technology automated virus analysis: When the virus samples were sent, after 5 minutes of virus samples will be analyzed and automatically push the update list.System footprint: Antivirus CMC accounted for up to 30 Mb RAM.You can download this free software  :  Here


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